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DPR Under Preparation

S.noName of the ProjectCost (in Rs Cr)Implementation Agency
1 Affordable Housing project at Kumaragurupallam 42.15 Cr. PSCB
2 Urban Entertainment Village at old port 89.25 Cr. PSCDL
3 Grand Canal Development - 3 km Stretch (Rehabilitation and beautification, pedestrian pathways, iconic cycle tracks and street furnitures, F&B etc) 157.50 Cr. PSCDL
4 Up-gradation of Substation from AIS to GIS at Marapalam (110/22-11 KV) 26.25 Cr. PSCDL
5 Smart metering with Remote Monitoring (SCADA system) for 31000 households 25.20 Cr. PSCDL
6 Installing roof top solar system in public buildings 22.05 Cr. PSCDL
7 Conditional assessment and remodeling of Under-Ground Sewerage system in boulevard area 52.50 Cr. PWD
8 Smart Integrated Bus Terminus (4.5 acres) with 25000 sqft commercial space (PPP) 31.50 Cr. PSCDL
9 Disable friendly Pedestrianization footpath - along raods > 7m width within 130 km road network 129.94 Cr. PSCDL
10 Public Transportation: E-Bus Stops at 9 locations and 9 Smart Buses 26.25 Cr. PSCDL
11 Development and Improvement of markets - Goubert Market (2.9 acres) with addional commercial space of 50,000 sqft including MLCP at old jail (PPP) 78.75 Cr. PSCDL
12 Command Control Centre - an advanced integrated system to operate and manage multiple city service operations 63 Cr. PSCDL
13 Smart poles (CCTV, Wifi, Air Quality Monitoring) 13.65 Cr. PSCDL
14 e-health system to track health records and medical supplies 18.90 Cr. PSCDL
Sub Total776.89 Cr.